SCLT (School Community Leadership Team) at Training, assessing Community Needs 

A typical SCOPE visit starts with a tour of the facilities to check on the progress of SCOPE projects such as student constructed high yield gardens, construction, and sales and use of Aqua Clara bio-sand filters.

Once the tour is over, we meet with teachers, parents, community leaders, women's groups, and youth to explain the SCOPE concept which places ownership and leadership on the school communities to offer the projects that they have learned to other members of the community through doing workshops at schools, churches, women's groups, and other venues. We then divide into groups to discuss challenges at the household, school, and community levels, how to work together to overcome the challenges, and establish priorities.

The results are turned over to the SCOPE School Community Leadership Team composed of representatives from the school, school management committee, the area chief, religious leaders, women's group, youth, etc. The leadership team, assisted by the SCOPE Regional Coordinator, establishes priorities and develops an action plan. From within the community, the team selects members to serve as SCOPE Community Development Officer, a teacher to lead the school health club and organize student health initiatives, a community health and hygiene coordinator, water and sanitation coordinator, business development coordinator, agriculture improvement coordinator, and trainers for each workshop SCOPE offers.

We are dividing the Kisii region into zones and each zone will have a fully developed model school, five partially developed satellite schools all of which will be offering projects that empower the surrounding communities through workshops and the sharing of knowledge.