About Us

SCOPE International provides high-quality children’s literature and non-fiction books to Kenyan schools in rural high poverty regions. These large libraries promote English language proficiency and support the national curriculum.

Reading is fundamental to learning. Libraries are a central component of knowledge acquisition. SCOPE-funded libraries give students access to a wide variety of books, widening their academic opportunities and, at the same time, enlarging their understanding of possible jobs and careers.

SCOPE informal research-–consistent with years of academic research– indicates that schools with SCOPE libraries, properly used, promote student growth in language usage, higher achievement in national testing, and increased enrollment as a result of better school testing performance.

Kenyan government education funding does not include primary school libraries, nor does it allow for an adequate supply of textbooks, particularly in the poor rural areas served by SCOPE.

SCOPE encourages parents to engage with their children through reading not just at school, but also at home. We ask that books provided by SCOPE be available to take home. The importance of parent involvement in early child brain development and learning is well documented through research.

SCOPE International is a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization based in Denver, Colorado. SCOPE international became a 501(c)(3) in 2009.

SCOPE’s founder, Don Howard, has done volunteer work in Kenya since 2002. In the past SCOPE International coordinated a host of social welfare projects in the Kisii area of Kenya. These projects empowered many schools to form school leadership teams fostering clean water, agriculture, community health and small banking. In October 2019, the SCOPE board voted to concentrate its efforts on school libraries, and handed over its non-book projects to other organizations.

The SCOPE books project, managed by Dr. Pat Colfer, began in 2009, with containers being shipped to Kenyan schools beginning in 2009. As of the 2019 shipment of books to Kenya, over three quarter of a million books have been sent. An approximate number of students now having access to library books is 140,000; the number of book users for community libraries is not known. Therefore, the total number would be increased significantly.

Warehouse space has been generously donated by American Furniture Warehouse (AFW) in Westminster, Colorado.

A core of dedicated volunteers works regularly at the warehouse to collect, sort, repair, and package the books for shipment to pre-identified schools in Kenya.

SCOPE founders Pat Colfer and Don Howard