SCOPE is working with more than 48 Western Kenya school communities to create an empowerment model of community development which focuses on schools as the catalyst for change.

SCOPE assists the communities in forming School Community Leadership Teams (SCLTs) to assess the needs of their communities, identify resources and talents available, organize teams of community trainers, select a Community Health Worker (CHW) and business development organizers.

SCOPE links with government and other organizations to develop workshops which address the needs defined by the community: high yield organic farming, rainwater harvesting, micro-credit to start small local businesses, fuel efficient stoves to reduce smoke, soap making and more. The trainees return to their communities and, with the assistance of SCOPE field workers, begin teaching parents, teachers, students and community members. Eventually, they will conduct workshops for other school communities, churches and community groups which share a common interest. The trainers teach people how to start businesses, create jobs, and improve the health of the community.

Meeting with the women’s group

Celebrating a good harvest

Providing students with opportunities