Kenya Updates

Chibwobi School … On The Move

A quick update on the Chibwobi school …


At the Chibwobi school students enjoy a warm meal. Having a school feeding program indicated the commitment of the community to improving the health of the students, even if the program does not include all of the classes.


The community was able to secure funds for a new building to relieve overcrowded classrooms — they are currently seeking more funds to be able to finish the building.


Part of Chibwobi’s moving ahead is this girls latrine, which has a privacy stall for the older girls — this is much needed in all schools, but is seldom built in most.


SCOPE sent learning materials, as well as library books, to the Chibwobi school — the students loved them!


Students at Chibwobi are excited learners. Using charts is not common, but is another indication that the school is doing its best for its students.