Library Development

SCOPE recognizes the role of education, particularly literacy, in the development of human potential. Reading gives both adults and children opportunities for initiating action which can change lives for the better, bring about economic betterment, and move them from the limitations of poverty.

Kenya’s rural impoverished schools have few resources, insufficient books, rarely have water on site, nor a feeding program. SCOPE identified that most schools do not have a school library. One request by community members is to partner in developing a school library for use by students, parents, faculty and neighboring schools. SCOPE addresses this need as a first action for the community partnership.

A Library Begins With An Empty Classroom

Parents Construct Furniture, Some Using Trees

Adults & Kids Paint, Decorate & Organize

U.S. Books Donated come from Schools, Churches, Businesses, Individuals who want to share

Volunteers Sort, Repair & Pack Books

Adults & Kids work together to unload the Container

Sometimes a SCOPE Library is even a Whole Building!