SCOPE has linked self help groups with trainers providing instruction on micro finance, business planning, and table banking. The groups register with the government, start a weekly savings plan, open a bank account, and submit their loan request to the School Community Leadership Team (SCLT) for review and approval. Once approved, the request is forwarded to SCOPE for additional review and the transfer of money from SCOPE’s small loan program to the SCLT’s bank account. The projects being initiated include tree nurseries, tree farming, fish farming, cows, goats,  poultry, beekeeping, and organic farming. Community Health Workers and unemployed youth are joining hands to create a sales network for solar lighting, fuel efficient stoves, and filters to purify the polluted water. Once the self help groups complete two loan cycles, they become eligible for group and individual loans from micro finance companies and banks.

A chicken business generates funds

Tree farms bring schools needed funds

Selling bananas brings good income

A tilapia farm will produce good profit

Training for banana tree planting