Water-borne diseases kill more people every year around the world than any other cause, and most of the victims are children. SCOPE provides latrines and hand washing stations for children to use. SCOPE also helps set up water collection systems so schools can have supplies of fresh water even during a drought.

Itierio School Community

Our latest ‘Capture the Rain’ was recently installed at Itierio School Community in Kenya. The positive impact in their community is life changing. No longer do the girls walk long distances to collect polluted water. No longer will the people living with HIV/AIDS seek charity from neighbors. They care for and will sell the tomatoes and other vegetables that are being raised in the greenhouse.

No longer will the widowed men and women search for jobs. They care for the fish farm and have 1,000 tilapia fingerlings that will grow large enough in eight months to sell to neighbors and share profits with the school. No longer will the school feeding program consist only of rice and beans. Adding fish will provide much needed nutrients.

Francisca, a member of the leadership team representing widows and widowers, said, “I am happy with the fish farm project initiated by SCOPE. We expect to generate income for our group and improve nutrition in the community. The training I received has given me knowledge and skills. I will train other groups so they can be empowered.”

Farm kit and drip irrigation field

Farm kit with 300 tomatoes planted

Fish pond and farm kit

Piping of water to fish pond and farm kit

RWH (gutters)

Fish pond connection to farm kit tank

Water connection to the tanks

7,925 gallon-capacity water storage

Water storage

Rain Water Harvesting System Construction

Polluted water used for drinking and cooking

Hand Washing Stations